In memoriam

In the evening of 9 December 2017 Latvia lost Valery Maligin, a businessman, a philanthropist, a patriot, whose contribution to the development of Latvian pharmacy has helped the name of our country to become widely known in the world.

Valery Maligin became a Chairman of the Board of JSC Olainfarm after privatisation of the company in 1997. Under his guidance JSC Olainfarm has developed into one of the most valuable Latvian companies with a turnover over 100 million and exports to over 50 countries. Thanks to charisma, foresight, experience, persistence and love to people of Valery Maligin, JSC Olainfarm has become a socially responsible company, which donated a large share of its profits to Latvian healthcare and culture, supported projects of national importance, helped the young and the old. Being a humanly simple and sympathetic person, Valery Maligin was always interested in the growth of pharmacy chains and the development of medical diagnostics and channelled funds for the development of these fields. However, medicines have always been and remained the main area of activity of Valery Maligin – modern, economic and evidence-based treatment with medicines.

The work of Valery Maligin was appreciated by a number of business awards and the Latvian state decoration, the Cross of Recognition.

The life motto of Valery Maligin was: “Love, peace and patience”.

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