The leading scientists and fifty innovative companies from the Baltic States have come together to create an innovative project development and technology transfer centre in the Baltic States. The Baltic Innovative Research and Technology Infrastructure (BIRTI) is a virtual entity that unites and co-ordinates the co-operation between universities, scientific institutes and innovative companies of the Baltic States.

The aim of BIRTI is to create favourable conditions for the innovation process, scientists, engineers, designers, and business, by working together to facilitate the development and production of competitive, knowledge-based world class products. The Baltic States as individual players on global markets are too small, and therefore it is necessary to develop co-operation for mutual attraction of finances. More information about BIRTI is available at

JSC Olainfarm is a member of BIRTI and it actively participates also in the Biopharmaceutical and Organic Chemistry Innovation Cluster — BioPharmAlliance, which entails the effective use of the available infrastructure of scientific institutions and complementary development to create a modern materially technical research and study base for the performance of research in the fields of biomedicine and pharmaceutics, and to develop competitive products.

The key scientific activity focuses within the cluster:

  1. Structural biology and bio-informatics, incl. study of the biological macromolecular structure of drug substances (NMR and x-ray structure analysis methods).
  2. Development and research of drugs for humans and veterinary drugs, using chemical and molecular biology methods.
  3. Production of recombinant cell cultures and their use in medical biotechnology.