Cluster Programme

JSC Olainfarm is co-operating with the Association of Latvian Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry (ALCPI) in the implementation of the Pharmaceutical and Related Industries cluster project.

On 12 September 2012, ALCPI concluded an agreement No. L-KAP-12-0005 with the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (IDAL) on the implementation of the project “The promotion of co-operation between the participants in the pharmaceutical and related industries cluster to increase the productivity of the industry and to develop exportability, by using the combined method of strategic planning, co-operative logistics and marketing, and specialised research-technological infrastructure” until 2015.

The aim of the cluster programme is to promote co-operation between mutually unrelated businesses, research, educational, and other institutions of the industry, thereby promoting the competitiveness of industries and businesses, increasing the export volumes, facilitating innovations and development of new products.

This action programme is subject to the Cabinet Regulations No. 788 of 11 October 2011 “Regulations on the activity “Cluster programme” of the extension of the action programme “Entrepreneurship and innovations”.



Cluster Programme