Training for People Employed in the Chemistry Sector and Related Sectors in Latvia

The Association of Latvian Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry (ALCPI) and the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (IDAL) concluded an agreement on 6 January 2011 No. L‑APA-10-0025 on the implementation of the project No. APA/ “Training for people employed in the chemistry sector and related sectors in Latvia to raise qualification, increase competitiveness on the labour market and promote business competitiveness”. More information about the ALCPI is available here:

The aim of the project is, through direct participation of companies in raising the qualification of their employees in areas important for the industry, to create a knowledge- and experience-based human resources base in the Latvian chemical and related industries, thereby facilitating work productivity, promoting the development of the labour market and commercial activity, raising the competitiveness of companies in the industry on the local and international markets.

The project was submitted by and its leading partner is ALCPI, which in 2009–2010 successfully implemented a training project for employees of the industry, financed from ESF, for the total amount of 473,681.14 EUR (332,905.00 LVL). ALCPI is implementing the project in co-operation with more than 40 companies working in the chemical and related industries, including JSC Olainfarm.

Within the project, it is planned to implement training in the following areas: production engineering and management, computer science, engineering science and technologies, production and processing, labour safety and protection, language programmes.

In 2013, JSC Olainfarm has participated in the following training courses:

  1. “Benefit/Risk Management Training Course in Pharmacovigilance” 09.-10.01.2013.
  2. Responsibilities of manufacturing authorization holder (MAH) and release of pharmaceuticals in EU and other regions 13.-14.03.2013.
  3. Logistics and Supply Chain Management 08.–09.05.2013.
  4. The newest GMP EU and FDA requirements for Quality Assurance 04.–05.06.2013.
  5. Medical Writing 02.–04.07.2013.
  6. Development of Technology and Manufacture of Highly Potent APIs and Dosage Forms 04.–05.09.2013.


In 2014, JSC Olainfarm has participated in the following training courses:

  1. GMP seminar “Warehouse management and procurement processes in Pharma” 15.–16.01.2014.
  2. “Generic Drug Approvals” 19.–20.03.2014.


In 2015, JSC Olainfarm has participated in the following training courses:

  1. Monitoring safety in clinical trials and drug development 04.–05.02.2015.
  2. Advanced European Regulatory Affairs in drug registration matters 11.–13.02.2015.
  3. The new EU requirements for use of multipurpose equipment in pharmaceutical production 24.–25.02.2015.
  4. Quality Control of Raw Materials (APIs and Excipients) 26.–27.02.2015.
  5. Understanding obligations; QP Education Course 05.–06.03.2015.
  6. Fluidized bed processing 10.–12.03.2015.
  7. Practical Approach to Quality by Design (QbD) for Pharmaceutical Process Research, Development and Manufacturing 10.–12.03.2015.
  8. CTD, CEP and Active Substance Master File 24.–25.03.2015.
  9. Implementing/managing good practice at quality control laboratories (ECA, QC Compliance Manager) 25.–27.03.2015.
  10. ECA, Cleaning validation 15.–16.04.2015.
  11. Practical Statistical Tools for Analytical Laboratories, ECA 16.–17.04.2015.
  12. ECA, Environmental Monitoring 05.–06.05.2015.
  13. Understanding and Preparing the Quality and Pharmaceutical Module of the Global CTD Dossier 11.–13.05.2015.
  14. Industrial risks 14.–29.05.2015.
  15. Environmental management system audit (18.09.2015., 24.09.2015., 25.09.2015.)




Training for People Employed in the Chemistry Sector and Related Sectors in Latvia