About acquisition of significant shareholding

on March 7, 2019

On 20th of February 20, 2019 JSC Olainfarm has received a notification by Signe Baldere-Sildedze natural guardian of shareholder Anna Emīlija Maligina regarding increased material shareholding up till 7.8% from share capital with voting rights, since the 12th of September, 2018 (further in the text – Notification).

Considering that the Notice is designated as a refinement of previously submitted information with reference to the notification, submitted on 28 September 2018, JSC Olainfarm announces that it hasn’t previously received the notification on increased material shareholding from the shareholder Anna Emīlija Maligina in accordance with the Article 61.2 of the Financial Instruments Market Law, that was drawn up in the form approved by the 17.08.2016. Regulations No. 140.of the Financial and Capital Market Commission.  

Consequently, the Notice is published in the manner in which it was received, in accordance with the requirements of the Financial Instruments Market Law and in accordance with the reference provided by the Financial and Capital Market Commission on March 06, 2019.

The Notice of Anna Emīlija Maligina attached.

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Information prepared by:
Inga Krukle 
Member of the Management Board
JSC Olainfarm         
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About acquisition of significant shareholding