Business Strategy

Corporate mission:

We improve customers’ lives and create value to our organization by providing sustainable healthcare products and services leveraging on our manufacturing and commercial expertise.



By the year 2025 we are the top 10 CEE manufacturing company sustainably delivering healthcare products and services in specific therapeutic areas in CEE, CIS and beyond.


Aims and tasks:

Product development

  • To optimise the product portfolio and supplement it with new finished dosage forms, taking into account market dynamics, specific features, and demands;
  • To develop a chemical product direction and create new innovative products and technologies, by specifically promoting co-operation with Latvian scientific institutions;
  • To register finished dosage forms manufactured at the company and to supply them to various markets of the world;
  • To manufacture finished dosage forms and chemical products for partners;
  • To supplement and maintain the intellectual property portfolio of the company.


  • To develop and implement a promotional strategy of the company and partners’ product;
  • To plan, develop and implement marketing activities in accordance with the company’s mission, aims, and strategy;
  • To handle marketing activities and trading on regional markets;
  • To carry out marketing studies, process and analyse information to determine the current market demands;
  • To determine market potential in regional markets for further business development;
  • To launch new product development and introduction in line with the identified market demands.

Manufacturing and product quality

  • To enhance client loyalty by making quality products and providing complete information about them;
  • To modernise production plants and processes in line with the Good Manufacturing Practice;
  • To automate technological processes to increase production efficiency and labour safety;
  • To establish new production plants on the basis of existing plants and to create new jobs;

Social policy

  • To promote employees’ long term contributions to the achievement of the company’s business aims;
  • To ensure social guarantees and employees’ salaries commensurate to their position and investment;
  • To ensure employee training and career growth opportunities.

Environmental protection

  • To ensure ethical attitude towards environment and to continue organising an environmentally friendly manufacturing process;
  • To reduce the environmental impact of the company’s activity both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Investor relations

  • To continuously work on increasing the company’s value with innovations, growth and profit increase;
  • To provide reliable and clear information in due time about the company’s activity and economic standing;
  • To be transparent and open to investors’ interest in the company.
Business Strategy