JSC Olainfarm approved dividend policy with an aim to create a well-considered, balanced and transparent profit distribution model to ensure regular dividend payments to shareholders and to reach long-term business targets of JSC Olainfarm.

The Management Board of JSC Olainfarm when calculating dividend amount shall observe the following principles:

  • “dividend stability principle” which states that JSC Olainfarm annually strives to pay shareholders dividend at least 20% from the previous year’s net profit.
  • “balance principle” that sets reasonable balance between shareholders income, cash flow forecasts and long-term development needs of JSC Olainfarm.
  • “transparency principle” which states that arguments for setting annual dividend amount is communicated to involved parties.

A share of net profit of JSC Olainfarm which remains after dividend payment is retained in the company for further investments in the company’s development.

The Management Board of JSC Olainfarm after approval of annual report prepares a dividend payment recommendation based on dividend policy principles as well as terms specified in Latvia’s legal acts, JSC Olainfarm contractual liabilities and obligations.

The Management Board submits its dividend payment recommendation to the Supervisory Council which may draft its opinion on the Management Board’s recommendation and inform with it the general meeting.

The general meeting votes on dividend payment based on the recommendation of the Management Board and the opinion of the Supervisory Council.

     2010       2011        2012        2013       2014       2015       2016        2017        2018        2019     
Dividend payment EUR ‘0005011 2352 144002 5499 0142 9581 409
Dividend per share, EUR0.03560.08760.1522000.1810.640.210.1
Net profit of Olainfarm EUR ‘0005 0429 87814 24012 84611 42414 5669 6409 2708 886
Payout ratio (dividend / Olainfarm net profit)9.90%12.50%15.10%0%0%17.50%93.50%31.90%15.90%
Net profit of Group EUR ‘0005 0369 83813 83412 60112 234151 8511 58610 789101 58


Dividends are calculated from JSC Olainfarm previous years’ net profit.

In 2017 in addition to dividends 0.02 EUR per share were paid out from reserves.