JSC Olainfarm donates funds to the National reference laboratory of Riga East Hospital for the purchase of Covid-19 analysis equipment

on November 23, 2020

This year, instead of corporate gifts, JSC Olainfarm chose to donate to partners and clients to limit and reduce the spread of  Covid-19 virus in Latvia. The company donated almost 18 thousand euros to the Support Fund of Riga East Clinical University Hospital. These funds were used for the purchase of equipment for the National reference microbiology laboratory, which is currently testing for Covid-19 virus using the next-generation sequencing method. 

Sequencing of the SARS-CoV-2 virus genome is a research method that can be used to determine the gene structure in genetic material, thus obtaining information about the development of the virus and tracking the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. This method ensures the highest accuracy and quality standard of analyzes.

“The scale and speed at which Covid-19 pandemic spreads has caused an unprecedented situation, affecting the physical and mental well-being of the population. Our field of activity comes with responsibility towards our employees, partners and the Latvian society as a whole, therefore we use our knowledge, experience and the extensive cooperation network to look for solutions. The values and concerns for public health of Olainfarm remain the same – we are together and will continue our goal to improve people’s quality of life. Thank you to the doctors and laboratory staff of Riga East Clinical University Hospital! We are honoured to support the National reference microbiology laboratory with such important equipment to fight against the Covid-19 pandemic even more effective,” says Signe Baldere-Sildedze, Member of the Board of JSC Olainfarm.

Natalja Rešetņaka, Head of the Laboratory service of Riga East Clinical University Hospital: “The name of our hospital includes the words: Clinical University Hospital, while we are the main Covid-19 treatment hospital in the country, so it is very important to provide quality and prompt testing of patients and staff to help clinicians start the treatment quickly and efficiently. This is necessary for Covid-19 patients and anyone who needs the help of high-level professionals. It is a real pleasure to receive support for our work from the company Olainfarm.”

Professor Jeļena Storoženko, Head of the National reference microbiology laboratory: „I would like to thank you for this important gift to the laboratory. Thanks to the purchased equipment we will be able not only to continue testing Covid-19 but also to make a significant contribution to science by studying the nature of this virus.”

The funds donated by JSC Olainfarm have have been used to purchase equipment for a sequencing machine with the next-generation sequencing method from the German manufacturer Eppendorf. The equipment was delivered at the end of October and it is already set up for the work. A centrifuge concentrator and pipettes of various volumes have been purchased from the funds. The total amount of donation reaches almost 18 000 euros.

Management Board – Chairman of the Management Board Jeroen Weites and Board members Elena Bushberg, Zane Kotāne, Signe Baldere-Sildedze, Milana Beļeviča un Raimonds Terentjevs.

JSC Olainfarm donates funds to the National reference laboratory of Riga East Hospital for the purchase of Covid-19 analysis equipment