JSC OlainFarm introduces experimental technologies to manufacture new products

on February 12, 2020

The implementation and audit of the project “Introduction of experimental technology for manufacturing of new products at JSC OlainFarm” was successfully completed in January of this year. As part of the project launched in May, 2017, altogether 253 components of an experimental production line were delivered and installed. Their total value was EUR 6.4 mln, including EUR 2.2 mln financing from the European Regional Development Fund.

It is planned that the new experimental production line and its components will be used for research and development of production technologies to make new products – intermediates, active pharmaceutical ingredients, final dosage forms, as well as for production technology transfer, manufacturing of new products and quality control, including in production of a new antituberculosis medication.

“Manufacturing is an important pillar within OlainFarm. Bringing innovation to the manufacturing process is critical for OlainFarm to build a sustainable future with new products we anticipate to launch as part of our growth strategy. I am proud OlainFarm is cooperation with the World Health Organization in supplying our anti-tuberculosis medication to devel

oping countries in Asia and Africa to improving the quality of life and life expectancy of the local population,” says Jeroen Weites, Chairman of the Management Board of JSC OlainFarm.

Marina Vorobjova-Vaisla, Director of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Department of the Central Finance and Contracting

Agency approvingly evaluates OlainFarm’s strategic approach to investing the European Union (EU) funds: “OlainFarm is a company with many years of experience and continuous development, which invests the EU funds strategically, strengthening international competitiveness. Promoting business innovation is one of the most important goals nationally being supported by EU funds – we are pleased that there are companies that can make these goals achievable through their activities.”

Currently under development is a generic anti-tuberculosis product – one of the new OlainFarm products. The anti-tuberculosis drug is being transferred from the laboratory to the manufacturing and scaling at the industrial installations. Successful processes could lead to commercialization of the product as early as 2023.

“OlainFarm has a historically established expertise in the development and manufacture of anti-tuberculosis drugs, and we are confident that our product will help people all around the world dealing with this illness,” emphasizes Jeroen Weitess, Chairman of the Management Board of OlainFarm.

JSC OlainFarm makes active use of the opportunities and support offered by the EU funds through investments in research, innovations and technologies. The support provided by the EU funds has positive effects on the operations of JSC OlainFarm.

JSC OlainFarm is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the Baltic states with more than 45 years of experience in production of medicines and chemical and pharmaceutical products. The basic principle of the company is to produce reliable and effective top-quality products for Latvia and the global market. JSC OlainFarm exports its products to more than 60 countries worldwide, including the Baltic states, Russia, other CIS countries, Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.

JSC OlainFarm introduces experimental technologies to manufacture new products