JSC Olainfarm Strengthens the Boards of Several Daughter Companies

on November 30, 2018

Board of JSC Olainfarm has decided to make some changes to Management Boards of Silvanols Ltd., Latvijas aptieka Ltd. and Tonus Elast Ltd.

Larisa Podlesnaja has left the Management Board of Tonus Elast to continue in Group of Internal Audit of JSC Olainfarm.  Mrs. Podlesnaja will be replaced by Mr. Salvis Lapins, a long-term Board member of JSC Olainfarm, who currently is advising to Olainfarm’s Management Board.

As a long-term IR and Business Development officer, Mr. Lapins is very highly valued by shareholders and investors. Professional experience of Mr. Lapins will be a valuable asset for “Tonus Elast”.

Management Board of Silvanols will now consist of four members as Mr. Ingus Balandins is elected to the Board of the company. Mr. Balandins is well known among the industry professionals and has proven his abilities as founder and CEO of Franceska Vet Ltd.

Board of Latvijas aptieka will now consist of six members.  Sanita Trautmane will no longer be a member of the Board, and Sintija Zange and Alla Cudovska, two experienced pharmacists, will join the remaining Board members as well as Zanete Eihmane, who has a long term experience in managing medical products retail company.

Changes to the Boards as well as respective changes to Articles of the mentioned daughter companies have been submitted to Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia.


Information prepared by:

Inga Krukle
Member of the Management Board
JSC Olainfarm
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JSC Olainfarm Strengthens the Boards of Several Daughter Companies