Olainfarm Becomes Latvian Exports Champion of 2014

on December 5, 2014

JSC Olainfarm was awarded a title of Exports Champion at „Exports and Innovations Awards 2014” organised by Ministry of Economy and by Latvian Investment and Development Agency. Award to Chairman of the Board of JSC Olainfarm Mr. Valerijs Maligins was presented by President of Latvia Mr. Andris Berzins.

Winners of „Exports and Innovations Awards 2014” were announces and celebrated at the ceremony held on December 4th at Vidzeme Concert Hall in Cesis.

“This award is an outstanding appreciation to all the effort that we make every day to have medicines and pharmaceutical ingredients produced by Olainfarm more and more available worldwide.  It is time and effort consuming, but the strength, unity and dedication to growth does produce results.  I am delighted to have a team like this and partners like this and everyone who chooses Olainfarm,” says Valerijs Maligins.

Unaudited profit and loss account of JSC Olainfarm for nine months of 2014 shows that the Group has made a profit of 12.1 million euro and sales of 69.9 million euro, and these have been the most profitable nine months in corporate history so far.  Compared to the last year the profit has grown by 37%, while sales were 30% up.

These have been the tenth annual „Exports and Innovations Awards” organized by Latvian Investment and Development Agency in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy. It is aimed at celebrating Latvian companies that have achieved good results in production of new exportable products and in supplying domestic market with high quality locally produced goods, in implementation of innovative ideas and in development of industrial design.


Photo: Chancery of the President of Latvia

SigitaOlainfarm Becomes Latvian Exports Champion of 2014