Active substance: Mebicarum

Indications: Neuroses, anxiety, heart pain that is not related to coronary heart disease

Dose and quantity: 300 mg N20; 500 mg N20

Pharmaceutical form: Capsules, tablets

Product ATC Code: N05BX

Daytime tranquilizer (non-benzodiazepine).

Adaptol is fast-acting. Administration of Adaptol does not require interruption in work or studies,because it does not cause sleepiness, euphoria, or addiction.

Therapeutic indications:

  • Neuroses and neurotic disorders (anxiety, emotional lability, restlessness, fear)
  • Cardialgia of various etiologies, not related to coronary heart disease
  • To improve the tolerability of neuroleptics and tranquilizers
  • In combined therapy to reduce an urge to smoke