The Council of JSC Olainfarm has started to fill their duties

on April 3, 2019

Today, on 3 April, the Council of JSC Olainfarm arrived for the regular meeting of the Council in the premises of the company in Olaine, at Rupnicu street 5. During the meeting, the Council met with the Board of the Company, in order to discuss further cooperation model and agree on information exchange as well as further steps.

The Council of the JSC Olainfarm has proposed the pragmatic approach for decision making as a priority, in order to take care for continuity of operations of the company and to resume the sale of shares of the company on the stock exchange as soon as possible.

Lauris Macijevskis, who will be responsible for the financial matters of the company, has also commenced the work in the Board of the Company.

Also, the new Audit Committee, with Agris Auce appointed as the head, has commenced work today.

On 2 April, the Register of Enterprises took a decision to approve changes in the composition of the Board and Council of JSC Olainfarm.

The Council of Olainfarm is chaired by Gundars Bērziņš, but also Jānis Buks, who is the Deputy Chairman of the Council, as well as Kārlis Krastiņš, Andrejs Saveļjevs and Haralds Velmers are appointed in the composition thereof.

61.48 % of all shareholders being entitled to vote participated in the extraordinary meeting of shareholders convoked on 1 April on the basis of the request of shareholders.

The Council of JSC Olainfarm has started to fill their duties