The strategy of JSC Olainfarm in the coming years envisages business growth at the company, national and international level.

With an increased focus on research and development, the company plans to add new finished dosage forms and active pharmaceutical ingredients to its product range each year. As a result, Olainfarm will not only proactively continue to engage in improving the healthcare system at a local and global level, but will also deliver double-digit year-on-year growth in business segments such as prescription and over-the-counter medicines and active pharmaceutical ingredients.

By introducing innovative technologies and new skills, as well as promoting production, Olainfarm will expand its sphere of activity in Latvia. The company’s strategy takes into account and promotes the need to increase Latvia’s innovation capacity and strengthen the technological base specified in the National Industrial Policy Guidelines.

Olainfarm has ambitious plans at the international level – the goal is to be among the 10 largest manufacturing companies in Central and Eastern Europe by 2025. The company’s products are already available in almost 60 markets around the world, where the rapidly changing and demanding global healthcare environment requires the proactive involvement of the industry’s most capable companies to ensure the widest possible access to the medicines they urgently need.

Olainfarm continues to work actively to develop and maintain the company’s internal culture so that it has a tireless entrepreneurial spirit and a “can do” attitude at all levels. Every employee is important – both for the company and with their contribution and understanding of the ongoing processes. Cooperation with each employee is based on a dignified and sustainable approach. Teamwork is dominated by openness and effective cooperation, as this is the only way to respond quickly and successfully to the rapidly changing circumstances in the industry.

The company’s long-term mission is to improve the quality of life of p by developing ever new and innovative solutions, expanding the range of products and making vital medicines more widely available worldwide. It is also important to create value for the company, which will allow it to provide health care products and services in the long run, by continuing to strengthen the extensive knowledge of the company’s specialists in the fields of production and sales.