Research and Development

Olainfarm R&D is primarily focused on development of active pharmaceutical ingredients and finished dosage forms for both – new branded as well as generic medicines. R&D is also involved in manufacturing process and FDF improvement to fulfill the ever growing pharma quality standards. Another focus is the process development for various chemical intermediates, employing our expertise in adamantane and quinuclidine chemistry.


Special attention is paid to the study of optically active APIs. The use of these substances for the manufacture of finished drug forms is going to supplement the product range of Olainfarm in the near future.


Olainfarm is also conducting research that was commissioned by its co-operation partners and clients, including offering services such as contract research, development and manufacturing of APIs, and finished drug forms as well as the execution of various advisory and analytical tasks, such as:

  • development, research, and manufacturing of solid medication forms and powders of various dosage forms and types;
  • determination of parameters of solid medication forms such as decomposition, deliquescence, abrasion, and mechanical strength, determination and analysis of granulate and powder pourability and compaction, and crystal form of substances;
  • obtaining of APIs and chemical products of fine organic synthesis, development, and improvement of technologies in line with the newest scientific achievements, requirements of Good Management Practice and EU guidelines;
  • development and improvement of methods of analysis, conducting of studies on the stability of active substances and finished drug forms and preparation of the respective documentation for the registration and manufacturing of new products;
  • scaling of manufacturing processes of chemical products and manufacturing of small product series (0.5–10 kg) in both enamel and glass reactors, which allows for the managing of processes in aggressive environments and environments not allowing contact with metal-containing surfaces;
  • provision of services for the registration of drugs, nutritional supplements, and medical devices.


vilResearch and Development