Our operating basic principle is to produce reliable and efficient top quality products, therefore every JSC Olainfarm product is thoroughly tested and traced in different stages of its life cycle. Our Pharmacovigilance ( surveillance on safety use of medicinal products) Group ensures the monitoring of safe use of medicinal products for which we are marketing authorization holders on the market and also for medicinal products under ongoing clinical studies.

We receive drug safety information from healthcare professionals, patients and/or their representatives, our representative offices, subsidiaries, foreign contractual partners. We carefully evaluate this information and, if necessary, report to the European Medicines Agency (EMA) EudraVigilance safety database.

The following actions in terms of safety surveillance during routine monitoring and – if necessary – emergency situations are performed by Pharmacovigilance Group regarding our medicinal products:

  • identification of new potential risks that may affect the safety and efficacy of the medicinal product;
  • analysis of the received drug safety information;
  • evaluation of the risk-benefit balance of medicinal product use;
  • providing actual safety information regarding medicinal product use to Regulatory Authorities, health care providers, patients, contractual partners, company employees

Health care professionals, patients, their relatives, any other interested persons can and are welcomed to report on JSC Olainfarm medicinal products side (adverse) effects.

Before filling out the Report of Adverse Drug Reactions, please acquaint yourself with DRUG ADVERSE REACTION – PHARMACOVIGILANCE PRIVACY CLAUSE, which is available here.

Select one of the appropriate reporting forms:

Please fill out report and send it to:

The provided information will be used to perform functions of pharmacovigilance specified in the regulatory enactments of JSC Olainfarm in order to collect information on observed adverse reactions. This information will help to decrease and prevent possible risks regarding to the use of drugs. The information will be used only in accordance with the intended purpose and to the extent necessary to achieve it. Please note that the employees of JSC Olainfarm have the rights to contact you to clarify the given information in a report, if necessary.

You can report to us in free form as well – see Our Contacts.

Yours faithfully,

Dr. Uldis Armanis;

Qualified Person Responsible for Pharmacovigilance at JSC Olainfarm.

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