Being a responsible Company, JSC Olainfarm continuously monitors the impact of its economic activities on the environment. The JSC Olainfarm environmental policy is based on its environmental management system, created in accordance with the ISO 14001:2015 “Environmental management systems” standard.

JSC Olainfarm consumes two types of energy resources, defined by the manner in which they are obtained. Primary – electric power, natural gas, and fuel (petrol and diesel). Secondary energy resources – heating energy (steam and water heating), cooling energy with a temperature as low as –15 °C, compressed air, water (comprising groundwater (some of it is used, treated, as drinking water) and process water (from the river)) used for maintaining production processes.

To effectively manage these energy resources, the Company has developed an environment and climate-friendly energy policy which, by implementing it, increases the company’s energy efficiency, increases the competitiveness of the Company and reduces greenhouse gas – CO2 emissions.

In addition, the Company has the following policies that pertain to environmental management:

– Chemical substance management policy
– Packaging management policy
– Waste management policy
– Accident risk management policy

We are working on reducing our ecological footprint. Currently, we have started the work on the modernization of the wastewater facility of the Company, implemented a system for keeping records of hazardous waste, carried out modernization of lighting and replaced heat insulation. In 2020, a new, fully automated refrigeration plant supporting production processes was commissioned and built, external refrigeration lines underwent reconstruction by building new refrigeration units in manufacturing premises.

Sustainable business development is a foundation of our strategy “Forward! 2020–2025”, therefore caring for the environment is one of our priorities.