Personnel Policy

Employment policy

JSC Olainfarm ensures a safe and orderly working environment that complies with all requirements for work safety and Good Manufacturing Practice, as well as modern equipment (communication equipment, work clothing, personal protective equipment, latest technologies and devices). Information about the goals of Olainfarm and its development plans are available to every employee.

Work remuneration policy

JSC Olainfarm offers a competitive remuneration that complies with the industry standards and the employee’s professional experience, expertise, competences and input to promoting the growth of the enterprise. We also provide privileges and bonuses through Olainfarm trade union (the enterprise has a collective agreement).

Social policy

JSC Olainfarm provides its employees with social guarantees, allowances, health insurance, as well as various privileges – partially subsidised meals in the corporate canteen and cafe, transport for commuting to/from work, and paid holidays.

Instruction and in-service training

All employees are offered education and training relevant to the competences necessary for their position, so that to ensure competitiveness and development of employees and, accordingly, also Olainfarm. Staff qualification and competences are constantly improved to prepare employees for further career growth in the enterprise. Particular emphasis is put on the professional expertise of employees.


For team-building and recreation purposes, Olainfarm organizes various events – sports festivals, Christmas party, tennis tournaments, joint participation in marathons, and other events, including joint birthday celebrations.


Personnel Policy