Privacy Notice


Privacy Notice

The purpose of the Privacy Notice of JSC Olainfarm (hereinafter referred to as the Privacy Notice) is to provide transparent information on the processing of personal data, its purpose, legal basis, scope and protection, as well as the period of the processing and rights of the data subject during its processing.

  • Controller and its contact information
    • JSC Olainfarm, registered address: Rūpnīcu 5, Olaine, Olaines novads, LV-2114, registration No. 40003007246, e-mail:, tel. +371 28327856. Using this contact information or contacting JSC Olainfarm at its registered address, the data subject may ask (a) question(s) relating to the processing of his or her personal data.
  • What the Privacy Policy and this Notice apply to
    • Personal data are any information about an identified or an identifiable natural person.
    • The privacy policy applies to ensure protection of privacy and personal data with regard to data subjects (Person), who may be directly or indirectly identified, for example, person’s name, surname, identification number (personal code), contact information data, location data, online identifier, etc., which are received or transferred by JSC Olainfarm, i.e. any information identifying any person.
    • JSC Olainfarm takes care of the Person’s privacy and protection of his or her personal data, complies with the Person’s right to legality of the processing of personal data in accordance with the applicable legal regulation – Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (Regulation), national regulatory enactments and company’s internal regulations.
  • Personal data processing purposes
    • Personal data are mainly used for the preparation, conclusion of a contract and therefore fulfilment of contractual obligations and provision of services;
    • For administration of the pharmacovigilance register to monitor safety of authorised medicinal products and identify any changes in the risk-benefit ratio;
    • For prevention and discovery of crimes in relation to property protection;
    • For notification of latest research results to persons, whom medicinal product efficacy and safety requirements apply or may apply to;
    • For examination and processing of applications, complaints and claims;
    • For provision of information to state authorities and in the cases and scope referred to in internal regulatory enactments;
    • For organisational management, planning and account of JSC Olainfarm (including record-keeping, registration of processes, services, information systems, persons, ensuring succession of an undertaking, implementation of public relations and social responsibility);
    • For fulfilment of the requirements of legal regulations;
    • For other individually defined purposes.

In any of the cases above JSC Olainfarm processes the Personal Data only in accordance with the purpose of processing and for the achievement of the set goal.

  • Acquisition of personal data.
    • Information provided to JSC Olainfarm by the data subject (the Person) himself or herself, i.e. when the data subject or his or her authorised person contacted or cooperated with JSC Olainfarm, for example, by concluding an employment contract, cooperation agreement, service agreement, etc., requesting information or submitting an application for resolution of a specific matter.
    • JSC Olainfarm may process personal data, which were not obtained from the Person himself or herself, but were received from a third person or within the scope of the Freedom of Information Law from publicly available sources.
  • Legal basis of processing of personal data
    • JSC Olainfarm mainly processes Personal data for the purposes of concluding and fulfilment of contracts, including employment contracts.
    • For the fulfilment of regulatory enactments – to fulfil the legal duty under regulatory enactments;
    • Personal data are processed on the basis of consent of the data subject, unless there is other legitimate basis for the processing of the personal data.
    • Within the scope of legitimate interests of JSC Olainfarm or third persons to secure its legal rights and interests;
    • In order to protect the vital interests of the data subject or of another natural person, when needed.
  • Processing and protection of personal data
    • JSC Olainfarm processes and protects Personal data using modern technological features, taking into account existing privacy risks and reasonably available organisational and technical resources.
    • In order to ensure the fulfilment of liabilities under concluded contracts, JSC Olainfarm may authorise its cooperation partners perform individual service provision activities. If, in fulfilment of these tasks, the cooperation partners process the personal data at the disposal of JSC Olainfarm, these cooperation partners shall be deemed personal data processors and/or controllers and JSC Olainfarm is entitled to transfer the personal data necessary for the fulfilment of these activities in the scope necessary for the fulfilment of these activities.
    • JSC Olainfarm chooses such cooperation partners for the status of a processor and/or controller of personal data, which ensure the fulfilment of requirements to processing and protection of personal data in accordance with regulatory enactments, and do not use the personal data for purposes other than those related to the fulfilment of contractual obligations with JSC Olainfarm.
  • Categories of recipients of personal Data, or whom data are disclosed:

JSC Olainfarm does not disclose to third persons any personal data or any information obtained during the provision of services under a contract unless:

    • data should be transferred to a third person under a concluded contract to perform any function necessary for the fulfilment of the contract or defined in the law;
    • explicit and unambiguous consent of the data subject has been received;
    • this is done by the institutions and persons defined in the regulatory enactments upon their justified request, in accordance with the procedure and in the scope defined by them;
    • in the cases defined in the regulatory enactment for the protection of legal interests of JSC Olainfarm.
  • Transfer of personal data outside the European Union and the European Economic Area
    • Personal data may be transferred to third countries only within the scope of a contractual relationship, when implementing legitimate interests of the controller. Data of visitors of the website of JSC Olainfarm (data subjects) are not transferred to third countries.
    • JSC Olainfarm ensures the procedures defined in the regulatory enactments to ensure the level of processing and protection of personal data equivalent to that defined in the Regulation.
  • Duration of storage of personal data
  •         Personal data are stored for a certain period of time, as long as necessary to achieve the defined data processing purposes, unless a longer duration of storage is defined under the law or binding regulatory enactments. The duration of storage of personal data is defined using the criteria meeting those defined in the regulatory enactments, for example, examination of claims, protection of rights, resolution of matters, observation of the limitation period, etc., as well as observing rights of natural persons, for example, when determining the data storage period for as long as claims related to the transaction, if any, may be raised.
    • When the storage period ends, personal data may be deleted or destroyed.
  • Rights and duties of the Person (data subject)
    • The Person (data subject) may receive all the information that has been collected about him or her in any personal data processing system.
    • In accordance with regulatory enactments, the Person is entitled to request access to his or her personal data, as well as request to supplement, rectify or erase, or restrict processing of his or her personal data, as well as the right to object processing of personal data based on legal (legitimate) interests of JSC Olainfarm, as well as to right to portability of data. These rights can be implemented to the extent the processing of data does not arise from the duties of JSC Olainfarm imposed by applicable regulatory enactments, and are not carried out in public interests. When providing information to the Person upon request of the data subject, it is prohibited to include in the information being provided the state institutions, which are drivers of criminal proceedings, entities subject to operational activities or other institutions, on which regulatory enactments prohibit the disclosure of such information.
    • The Person may submit a request for the exercise of his or her rights:
      • in writing at the address: Rūpnīcu 5, Olaine, Olaines novads, LV-2114, Latvia, presenting a personal identification document;
      • electronically signing with a secure electronic signature, sending to e-mail;
    • Having received a Person’s request on exercising of his or her rights, JSC Olainfarm ascertains the Person’s identity, evaluates the request and fulfils it in accordance with regulatory enactments.
    • The reply of JSC Olainfarm to the received request is sent by post to the specified contact address in a registered letter or issued in person, to the extent possible taking into account the method of receiving the reply specified by the Person.
    • JSC Olainfarm ensures the protection of data and fulfilment of protection requirements in accordance with regulatory enactments and in case of objections takes reasonable actions to resolve the objection. However, if it fails to do so, the Person shall be entitled to contact the supervisory authority – the Data State Inspectorate.
  • Consent to processing of data and rights to withdraw it
  • If the processing of personal data is carried out on the basis of a consent to the processing of personal data, the Person may at any time withdraw the provided consent in the same way as it was provided, and in this case further processing of data based on the previously provided consent for the particular person will not be carried out.
  • The withdrawal of consent shall not affect such processing of data carried out at the time when the Person’s consent was in force.
  • The withdrawal of consent cannot stop the processing of data on the basis of other legal bases.
  • Other provision
  • JSC Olainfarm does not carry out automated decision-making or profiling with regard to natural persons.
  • JSC Olainfarm is entitled to supplement or amend its Privacy Notice by updating the Privacy Notice of the website of JSC Olainfarm.
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